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Welcome to Jerry Ross Elementary's library!

Jerry Ross Library

 Welcome to our library! We have thousands of books for our students to browse and check out.  One part of our library that stands out from other libraries is that we are lucky to have a part of the International Space Station hanging over us as we read. The part was donated by Jerry Ross and can be seen in the picture. Library time at Jerry Ross is 45 minutes once a week. 


Find a library book

You can search for a library book in our catalog system, Destiny. Visit Destiny

  • Sign into your CB account
  • Go to your Destiny app or web page above
  • Click  Jerry Ross Library
  • Click Catalog
  • Type in the name of your book, author's name, or subject.
  • Destiny will show the AR level of the book and if the book is available. 
  • Write down the address of the book:   E Sue, Fic Sue, 678.9 Sue
  • Ask Mrs. Muir for help locating the book

Contact the Librarian

Mrs. Linda Muir

219-663-3010 ex 18059

Checking out books:

All books are checked out for one week. All books need to be returned on library day in order to renew or check out new books. Students can renew one book a week. This book can be renewed as many times as needed in order to finish and take a test on it. Students must bring the book in to be renewed.